Gris des Lions, an expression of Languedoc wines with a touch of Burgundy spirit…
This cuvée pays tribute to the « Gris wines », that have made the reputation of our beautiful coastline of The Gulf of Lion.

Produced from grapes with black skins and white flesh, grey wines have the particularity of being the result of direct pressing, with a very short maceration time (only a few hours). The must, i.e. the grape juice, comes into very little contact with the grape skin, which explains the low-colour appearance of vin gris.

The colour is pale pink salmon. The nose is delicate and expresses small red berries and flowers… The attack is round, and in the mouth you will find a nice freshness, thanks to the acidity, which is balanced by the fruitiness of the red berries.
Perfect with grilled fish, sea bream with fennel or a tajine of vegetables. Serve at 10 – 12°C.

Gris des Lions comes from the same production area as the Minervois AOP appellation, at the foot of the Black Mountain !

Our hot climate gives ripe fruits aromas and a nice body to the wine. The famous Southern winds: the mistral and the tramontane ensure that the vines are cooled during maturation, which are ideal circumstances for a good viticulture.

All the know-how of our passionate winegrowers about the richness of their terroir and natural environment give to you these quality products. All the team, through their expertise and their lifelong passion, wish you an enjoyable tasting moment.

Pays d’Oc IGP, Languedoc Region, France

Pays d’Oc PGI wines are renowned for being sun-drenched, easy to approach and a sure value.
With this range you will be able to taste the best of our terroir, sunshine, spices, freshness and satisfy all your tasting moments!